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Aviator Jacket Features

Old Schools’ Aviator Leather jackets are the most comfortable fit you can find. With its leather being buffed, it is softer than most leathers and gives it that authentic vintage look. This allows it to mould to the body like a dream. With its unique look and eye-catching features like its sheepskin collar which is also removable. It is the perfect jacket for casual or biker wear. The Aviator was based on the WW11 Bomber jacket. If Tom Cruise can pull it off why not you?

  • Removable Sheep Skin Collar
  • FST Ball slider zips for easier grip when using gloves
  • FST chrome buckles which allow for adjustment
  • Extremely soft Buffed black leather
  • Inside chest pocket
  • One outside chest pocket
  • Two oblique pockets by the stomach
  • Vented lining for better airflow

Ladies Aviator Jacket


  • 34 R5350
  • 36 R5350
  • 38 R5350
  • 40 R5350
  • 42 R5350

Mens Aviator Jacket


  • Large R5780
  • X Large R5780
  • XX Large R6250
  • XXX Large R6500
  • 4X Large R6700
  • 5X Large R6950
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